Château Sainte-Roseline – The wine and the roses

Château Sainte-Roseline – The wine and the roses

Ideally located in Les Arcs-Sur-Argens (30 minutes from Saint-Tropez, Cannes and the Gorges du Verdon), Château Sainte-Roseline is a historic site and a Cru Classé of Provence.

The site consists of the vines, the Abbey with the Cloister and the Chapel of Santa Rosline.

The Chapel, built in the 11th century, and the Cloister, built right next to it in the 12th century, were both classified as historical monuments in 1980. The chapel houses the body and relics of Saint Rosalina, Mother Prioress of the Abbey of La Celle-Roubaud between 1300 and 1329. Numerous miracles led to her being canonized in the 19th century. It was then that the chapel took the name of Santa Roseline. The Cloister, with its beautiful half-Romanesque, half-Gothic vaults, is bordered by bicentennial trees “Allée de platanes” (alley of plane trees) which leads to the private park of the castle.

In 1955 Château Sainte Roseline became one of the first Crus Classés de Provence, but it was in 1994 that the transformation took place with the purchase of the site by Bernard Teillaud. Since 2011 Aurélie Bertin and Delphine Meunier, daughters of Bernard Teillaud, have bought Château Sainte Roseline from their father and have owned and managed the estate ever since.

Visiting Château Sainte-Roseline is an immersive experience for the body, mind and soul. For believers the proximity to the Faith that the small chapel brings is something unique, but also for non-believers Château Sainte-Roseline offers bread for the spirit with works of art that are scattered throughout the estate and see from modern artists to works of Marc Chagall, Diego Giacometti, Jean Bazaine.

Moving on to the wines we find that the Château Sainte-Roseline vineyard offers an exceptional terroir for Provence: the clayey-limestone soils and the underground spring allow the controlled feeding of the vine necessary to produce great wines. In 1955 it received the designation “Cru Classé”. Today, the “AOP Cru Classé Côtes-de-Provence” vineyard extends over 110 hectares and cultivates 11 vines, thus allowing the production of rosé, white and red Sainte-Roseline wines. The team ensures the correct development of the vine all year round thanks to sophisticated cultivation practices aimed at increasing the concentration of the grapes., Making red wines: Syrah, Mourvèdre and Cabernet Sauvignon, rosés: Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cinsault and Tibouren and the whites: Rolle and Sémillon.

In particular, the Chapelle de Sainte Roseline and the Lampe de Meduse collections, whose bottle is a true work of art, should be mentioned.

Château Sainte-Roseline welcomes tourists every day of the year (excluding Christmas and January 1st) in its magnificent estate and offers different types of visits and tastings depending on the time available (from 1 to 3 hours with different types of paired tastings of your choice). The visits are all by reservation, while the tastings are always possible during the opening hours of the site.

For any information and reservations, I recommend contacting Château Sainte-Roseline

A cura di Cristina Mascanzoni Kaiser

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